Outboard Covers

We can provide covers for virtually all models of outboard motors. Covers are made from “Polysoft®”, a tough marine grade polyester material that is UV stable, is breathable and also has a soft, non-woven, felt-like lining on the inside. It is similar to a heavy canvas but without the inherent problems that canvas has such as shrinkage, abrasion and fading. “Polysoft®” is soft enough to protect the sensitive gel-coat, but strong enough to protect the outboard motor from dust, road grime, stone chips and the harsh sun.

Outboard Covers are available in eight great colors: Black, Carribean Blue, Charcoal, Aqua Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Red and Light Grey (Silver).

Splash Covers are vented and can be left on the motor whilst operating at high speeds on the water or being trailered, also at high speeds.

Full Covers are as the name implies, and cover the motor from top to prop. Each cover is a perfect fit for your motor and made to the shape of the outboard.

Combo Covers are both of the covers above. The Splash cover goes on first then the Full cover over that. Mooring Covers are the top part only of a full cover, and cover most of the upper cowling and part way down the top part of the leg. Suitable for use when moored in the water and protects nearly 100% of the motor out of the water. Not suitable for use when the motor is operating.