Solving a problem right away will prevent it from getting worse and more difficult to deal with later.

Do you have American zippers that aren't compatible with Australian Zips?

We can help because we carry both, so if you need to only change part of a broken zip give a call.

Should I repair my existing covers?

We specialize in replacing or repairing existing marine covers for yachts and power boats

If your canopy or cover is in good order, but has a small problem, then now is the time to get it repaired before it becomes a major problem or may even lead to a replacement canopy.

Most small repairs can be done quickly and could save you a lot of money.

We often do repairs but sometimes it really isn't worth it. In some instances, the thread that is holding the cover together can start to rot, and if the canvas is still in good condition, we are happy to re-stitch. If there has been a tear in the fabric, we can patch it as long as the surrounding material is in good condition. We also often put new zippers into jobs, which again is only viable if the surrounding fabric is intact. Quite often though, once the cover starts to wear, it is usually a sign that it is coming to the end of its life.

Here are some of the common repairs.

  • Stitching is missing.
  • Zips, missing or damaged teeth.
  • Plastic Windows, cloudy, scratched or holed.
  • Velcro does not hold together. Fittings broken or missing
  • Shock Cord tired or worn
  • Binding/Edging worn or broken

Any of the above problems can be repaired, contact us to have a chat about them.